Starting the day at six in the morning, attending to personal matters, making calls to verify that your business is operating correctly, getting to the store or office in the middle of city traffic, closing deals with suppliers or clients, and all of this before noon. Does this sound familiar? The life of an entrepreneur today is a multi-tasking assignment that requires focus, but above all, allies.

Although your work team, partners, suppliers, and even your family are essential, some decisions and tasks fall entirely on you. Faced with the stress generated by carrying a company on your shoulders, the best thing to do is to resort to digital tools that make your life, operation, and business management easier.

Multiple gadgets, software, platforms, and apps have been created to bring order to the work and minds of entrepreneurs. Your emotional peace is priceless; know the best microloans, get capital and acquire the necessary equipment and services to keep in control all areas of your business. Below, we recommend some investments that will improve your company's results and allow you to enjoy your personal life.

Cloud storage for easy access to your files from any device

Cloud storage is an IT model that keeps data on the internet without the need for the user to have an external infrastructure. This service allows entrepreneurs to access digital documents from any device, smartphone, tablet, or computer.  If you do not have the necessary capital to hire or acquire these types of tools, get Microloans and take the first step towards optimizing your company.

The service is offered by IT providers such as Google or Dropbox. They offer free versions (up to a specific storage limit) and premium services with additional costs and benefits. Another advantage of using this tool is to work on documents collaboratively with your team, under the sole condition that users have an internet connection.

Automated billing and invoicing for streamlined payments

Invoicing and payment processes within a company represent a significant investment of time. According to Wax Digital, 82% of finance managers in small and medium-sized companies feel overwhelmed by the many invoices they have to issue.

Using Quickbooks or Freshbooks allows entrepreneurs to manage their personal and business bank accounts, credit cards, make transfers, issue invoices or receipts, automate payments, and obtain financial statistics, all from one place.

CRM software to keep track of customer interactions and sales leads

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system where companies manage their relationship with customers. This is done through a database of each client, which reflects all the interactions that have been had with him. This tool works in the cloud and adds value to different areas of companies from sales, marketing, and even in operational aspects to know the full spectrum of customer behavior.

This digital registry provides real-time information about your customers to offer products and services according to their previous purchases and interactions. With this system, you can provide personalized experiences to boost your company's sales. Consider that 80% of consumers want particular attention focused on their needs, according to information from McKinsey.

Social media management tools to help you with marketing campaigns

4.55 million people are social media users worldwide; three out of four consumers search on social networks before buying, according to information from Digital Marketing Magazine. Participating in these communication channels is essential for companies, social media management platforms will facilitate this task and help you organize your time and never to abandon your followers.

To create a personal brand on social media, you need to create an impressive logo. If you have difficulty creating a logo, the logo maker app is a helpful solution.

Social media management tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social allow you to schedule your content according to your digital plan. Additionally, you can access metrics on the performance of your publications and thus, maintain good practices and eliminate the ineffective ones.

The main objective of technology is to make human life more manageable, use the available resources to facilitate recurring tasks, and spend your time and skills on activities that generate substantial benefits for your company. Obtain capital through microloans and acquire the necessary equipment, services, and subscriptions to make your life easier and more productive.

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